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Datz Restaurant Group, Tampa Area Restaurants, Innovated

Datz Restaurant Group remains the most talked about, tweeted about, and craved by locals and national media outlets alike. We do this through the concepts that we create, the food that we cook, and the drinks that we pour and the experience that we provide for our customers.


Datz Restaurant Group began with the idea of a modest local restaurant that the friends and family of Suzanne and Roger Perry could call home. But in 2009 when Datz opened in South Tampa, plans quickly changed. Datz was and has remained a restaurant that’s not only talked about, tweeted about, and covered by local and national media outlets such as Travel Channel, Cooking Channel, Food Network, FYI, and Good Morning America, but is also the most reviewed business in all of Tampa Bay. In 2012, the Perrys opened Dough, a bakery focused on house-made sweets and baked goods as well as breads for Datz’s burgers and sandwiches. Dough has competed on the Donut Showdown, been featured by Food and Wine, and won Creative Loafing’s Best Of The Bay awards for ‘Best Bakery’ and ‘Best Doughnuts’ in 2015. In 2014, Roux hit the Tampa restaurant scene with a South Tampa twist on traditional Creole and Cajun dishes and has been named one of Tampa Bay’s Top 50 Restaurants for two consecutive years by Tampa Bay Times. Datz Restaurant Group continues to be a vibrant source of creativity in the Tampa Bay area food and drinks scene and shows no signs of slowing down.

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